Thursday, September 2, 2010

Men of War

Men of War is perhaps the best WWII strategy game out there.
The game gives player basically unlimited amount of strategical choises on how to attack his opponents.
Usually you comman a small group of soldiers which are armed with various types of weaponry.

But this is the best part; you can scavenge enemy corpses for extra ammunition,superior weapons and health kits to boost your chances on victory.
You can control the unit as a single entity or command a single soldier to turn the tide of battle.
In the picture above a single soldier manages to crawl behind an enemy armored car and blow it up by himself, truly no small feat for a single man against armored power of the reich.

The game has awesome multiplayer which features co-op with up to 4 players and several types of modes in which you play against other players with a huge variety of enemy weaponry from armored cars to the heavy tanks which are basically the kings of the battlefield.

You can play as the germans in the campaign and it truly is a fun campaign to play since the german forces are not demonized like usually, they are simply fighting for their lives just as any other faction.
Perhaps this is caused by the fact that the game has been been by eastern europeans and russians who have seen the horrors both sides have conducted during the second big one.

All in all if you are a fan of strategy games and would like to have a really interesting game to play I honestly recommend that you try Men of War.